Vegan Christmas (EN), Audrey Fitzjohn

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Englisches Kochbuch mit weihnachtlichen Rezepten für ein gelungenes Fest. Verführerische Apérohäppchen, feine Vorspeisen, köstliche Hauptgänge und himmlische Desserts – alles was Du für ein festliches Dinner brauchst.

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Vegan Christmas

We all know the state of panic. It’s your turn to host the whole family for the holidays, which means dozens of people, so you’re already stretched thin. And then you find out that so-and-so’s new boyfriend is vegan! Luckily for you, this book is a foolproof guide to making plant-based meals for the holidays. You could start your guests with a round of blinis and faux caviar. Then, when they’re getting snacky, bring out the arancini and dairy-free aioli. When you’re laying out the big dinner spread, you can offer your vegan guests tempeh and mashed sweet potatoes, stuffed pumpkin, and many more devilishly starchy options. Then, for dessert, roll out the chocolate truffles, a black forest cake, fruit pies, and more! Plus, who even needs meat or animal products, when you’re surrounded by your friends and family.

Audrey Fitzjohn is a photographer, stylist, and freelance writer based in Paris, France. She’s a mother of two with an undying love of vegan sweets.


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